Joe Kennedy Promises To “Tear Down” Trump’s Wall… But Here’s What’s Around His Own House

After President Donald Trump’s highly-praised State Of The Union address, broadcast to over 40+ million Americans, Joe Kennedy gave an response that was overshadowed by an odd background featuring the remains of a car wreck and an apparent “overuse” of lip balm.

But during the actual speech, Kennedy said one thing that quickly turned him into America’s biggest hypocrite.

“Build a wall and my generation will tear it down,” Kennedy stated boldly.

Well, he’d have to start with his own estate first. Joe Kennedy’s Palm Beach, Florida mansion, now on the market, has sprawling walls surrounding the property.

Looks exactly like the “big, beautiful wall” Trump want’s to build around America. Now isn’t that funny — Kennedy owns a wall that’s an ideal border wall, yet trashes the president for wanting to build a wall that looks like the one Kennedy has.

Can you get any more hypocritical?

Even more interesting is that this estate is only six miles from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, or the “Winter White House.” full story

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