Poll: Six-in-Ten Back Trump’s Islamic Screening Policies

Only 14 percent of registered voters strongly oppose President Donald Trump’s border-security reforms, despite the establishment media’s depiction of the reforms as a “Muslim travel ban.”

In contrast, the policy is strongly supported by twice as many voters — 32 percent — and is also “somewhat” supported by 24 percent, the survey shows. That support is likely understated because 14 percent of respondents declined to answer.

The survey data means that just one in seven voters strongly opposes the reform, which sets new curbs on visits by people from Islamic countries where wars and hostile governments spur violence against non-Muslims.

In contrast, one in three voters strongly supports the reform, while almost six out of 10 strongly support or “somewhat support” the security measure against Islamic jihad. Most of the countries are Muslim population countries.

The survey was published just as the Supreme Court met to hear arguments against the policy from pro-migration groups. full story

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