Hillary Supporters Mock Victims of Tennessee Wildfires Because The State Voted for Trump

As wildfires roar in east Tennessee, forcing thousands of people to evacuate, people still upset over the election of Donald Trump are mocking the plight of Tennesseans. Some even posted that east-Tennessee residents deserve to have their homes, businesses, and forests burned down for voting for Donald Trump.

The Tennessee areas engulfed in the wildfires are the towns of of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge which are popular holiday resorts for families from the region. They are known for the family-friendly, country-music themed, and pro-Christian attractions and activities including Dollywood, the theme park of famed country music singer Dolly Parton. The area is also known for log cabin getaways high atop the Smoky Mountains, many of which have burned to the ground.

Some of the tweets, instead of expressing condolences, prayers, or shock, are saying outrageous, heartless things such as, “let them burn” and “too bad it’s not the whole state burning.” The tweeters are also accusing residents of showing their “white privilege” because they want more news coverage of the fires. This in spite of near 24-hour coverage of natural disasters such as floods that have occurred in other states.






Michael Ian Black, a popular left-wing comedian, tweeted saying: “When Trump supporters voted to ‘burn it all down,’ I bet they didn’t think it would start with Tennessee.”


This sparked a wave of responses attacking Black for being insensitive, resulting in him deleting the tweet and apologizing.

So much for the “Love Trumps Hate,” mantra that the left arrogantly wore as a self-proclaimed, baseless badge of honor during the election. Share this on Facebook so we can show who the real haters are.

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  • As wildfires roar in Tennessee, forcing people to evacuate, those still upset over the election of Donald Trump are mocking the plight of Tennesseans. Some even posted that Tennessee residents deserve to have their homes, businesses, and forests burned down because they voted for Donald Trump.

    • Max Blood

      i bet trump will take their pudding snacks away and give it to aid as he helps the town fix it. because trump is an awesome dude and has been known to help the lil guy out that supports him.

      • sbintn

        Has he? What “lil guy” has he helped out? We Tennesseans don’t need Trump’s help. We take care of our own.

        • Sharon ODonnell

          Ppppplease ….Rebuild plan and clean up Our Smoky Mtn.landmark.Rescue the wildlife and feed the homeless .This Is America’s job for Our fellow American Patriots .

  • jimbow

    so we should say the same kind of thing when CA has all those fires about every three years, instead of sending help?


    none of them liberal fucktards have the balls to say this bullshit to the faces of anybody from here. BUNCHA LOUDMOUTH KEYBOARD WARRIOR BITCHES !!!! COME RUN YOUR MOUTH TO MY FACE LIKE THAT AND SEE WHAT IT GETS YA !!!

  • Spirit Walker

    Are these haters so ignorant that they do not know there are democrat and independent voters here also? Do they wish harm to every state that carried Trump? Personally I think one of them could have been the arsonist…just saying….

    • Max Blood

      libtards dont think everything through, if they did they wouldnt look like morons 95% of the time they post false info and believe it lol

  • Sharon ODonnell

    Snarky hateful pillow biters ,
    thank God obama and the barry’s bathhouse crowd are on their way down the drain .America chose a different path than HeLL with you and The vermin on the left . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b18e7aab077c31aae5bc0f5837d46eeeb1942fc05516df84ce195707d45748cc.jpg .

  • antilib

    How quickly they forget(ignore) how people nationwide ALWAYS run in to help when California has one of their earthquakes. Their mouth doth overflow.

  • Constitutionalist56

    Hey Liberal Commies in Kalifornia, NOW we are going to have a hard time getting any sympathy for you when the “BIG ONE” comes and levels the whole state.
    No search dogs, no volunteer firemen to dig you out from under collapsed freeways, and by the way as I remember it you have some problems with fires yourselves.
    If you ask for people to shut you out, just wait you may get your wish!

  • Joseph Flannagan

    Strange irony then that California was struck by record rains and flooding after voting for Hillary !! . Of course these idiots are too dense to realise that. And also interesting that California which threatened to secede from the States if Trump was elected , then go cap in hand asking for Federal assistance in funding the rescue , clear up and repairs. Hypocrisy on a staggering scale here guys.