Democrats Fear Illegal Aliens Losing Elected Representation After 2020 Census


Democrats are concerned that illegal aliens will lose their elected representation following the 2020 Census, which will ask respondents whether or not they are United States citizens.

Though American citizens living in states have had to deal with their votes being diluted by the votes of citizens living amongst large illegal alien populations for decades, Democrats remain worried for illegal aliens and their elected representation.

Juan Escalante, an open borders activist, raised concerns for illegal aliens in the Huffington Post:

This question about U.S. citizenship could have damaging effects on our nation. Not only would taxpayers see their states losing millions of dollars over inaccurate data, but it could lead to President Donald Trump’s already supercharged deportation force to request additional resources, should it determine that too many noncitizens are residing in the United States. [Emphasis added]

New York City’s demographer in the New York Times also said he was concerned for illegal aliens:

There are now 3.2 million foreign-born people in New York City, out of 8.6 million residents. Of those foreign-born, 46 percent are noncitizens, Mr. Salvo said. Mr. Salvo estimates that 500,000 are undocumented. [Emphasis added]

“Those immigrants are side by side with children who are citizens, with an uncle who is a legal permanent resident, with the cousin who is undocumented. All of those people are afraid,” Mr. Salvo said. [Emphasis added]

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