Muslim Leader: America Must Understand Sharia Law is Greater Than the Constitution, Therefore Muslims are Above the Law

The Director of the Dallas Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR), Mustafa Carroll, made a surprising and shocking statement during a Muslim rally in Austin, Texas. He firmly believes that the message of the Qur’an is supreme over the United States constitution. The statement would be shocking to most citizens of the United States, unless they had some perspective on who CAIR really is.

He said, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”

CAIR is the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Their headquarters is located in Washington D.C. They use lobbyists, the media, and action alerts to promote a positive image of Islam in America during a time when Radical Muslims (ISIS) in other parts of the world are crucifying children in the name of Allah, and quoting the Koran (Though the Obama Administration has a hard time calling it ‘Radical Islam’ for fear of offending regular Muslims).

In 2007 the Holy Land Foundation trial found the Holy Land Foundation Charity guilty of funneling millions of dollars back to the terrorist organization Hamas. Interestingly enough, CAIR was among the organizations named during the trial as unindicted co-conspirators. To put that into perspective, the 37th president of the United States, Richard Nixon, was named an unindicted co-conspirator during the Watergate Trial.

In 2011 and 2012, during an event that The Blaze covered extensively, Islamic institutes coordinated with the White House to target the counter terrorism training within the FBI. The event was called ‘The Purge,’ and the result was the removal of more than 700 documents and 300 presentations. Some of the presentations removed included information about Al Qaeda and the trainers within the FBI were allegedly not given the opportunity to appeal when their presentations were rejected. They were not even allowed to know who it was that was objecting to their work. CAIR was one of the institutes that pushed for this event.

In 2014, the United Arab Emirates placed CAIR, along with 81 other groups, on its list of terrorist organizations. Some believe the action was to done to show a stand against the Terrorist Organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, who seized power in Egypt during the Arab Spring. It should be noted that members of the Obama Administration openly endorsed the events in Egypt that led to the Muslim Brotherhood taking power, likening it to the Civil Rights Movement in America. It has been suspected that CAIR has had ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, and currently, the Obama administration is working to get CAIR removed from the list of terrorist groups.

The world has seen many movements that believe they are above the law of the land. Everything from religion (ISIS) to atheism (Church burnings), from Nationalism (Nazis) to Communism (Stalin), and from Judges who do not follow the Constitution (Roberts) to members of Congress who openly admit to not reading the bills they sign into law (Pelosi). The world has seen unimaginable horrors when these ideas take root, and if Mustafa Caroll is expressing the unofficial and hidden beliefs of his organization, that practicing Muslims are above the law, it would only make sense that CAIR is meeting with and advising a man in the White House who also believes he is above the law of the land. Source

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  • Constitutionalist56

    If you think you are above the law of this land then you muslims are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE WEST.
    Go BACK where you came from, we do not want anymore lawbreakers in this country!

  • beattsystem

    If the followers of the pedophile, sheep shagger Mohamed are looking for a fight, they have come to the right place. The Crusaders are all here, and we are going to send all of you child rapists back to the cesspools countries from which you came. You are not wanted here, you will not be tolerated, and you will follow the laws of this land. Period !!!

  • 4grands

    Maybe that is what obama told you, but obama is a liar. The constitution of thebUSA is IT. Take your sharia law and go back where you came from. We don’t want you here.

  • Juan Romualdo Martinez Cazador

    This is the WRONG President and the WRONG Administration to be talking the way this a$$hole is talking. He is going to find out the HARD way that Trump is NOT at all like the gay Muslim that occupied the White House for 8 years.

    This F*ck just might be taking a “Guantanamo Vacation” pretty soon…..

    • Bill Matthes

      Since this moron thinks muslims are above the law, I’d like to suggest to him that HE HIMSELF go out and commit a crime and see how fast they throw his evil cult-loving ass in the jail-house!

  • Jane


  • InTrumpWeTrust

    Not just No but Hell No.
    I can’t wait until CAIR is dealt with like the terrorist organization that it is.

  • John Williams

    Keep poking the bear asswipes.

  • Gary Pauletich

    In our country you abide by our law.

  • Rick Allen Carfagna

    It is no wonder those sharia loving morons wear diapers on their head. I invite any of these filthy diaper-headed satanic sand-nigger’s to speak to that effect in my face. Your virgins wait. And you will soon learn that your awaiting virgin’s are swine! Smile you filthy diaper-headed satanic sand-nigger and say oink oink bitch. As your introduction is at hand. I shall puree you in a heartbeat and feed you to the swine on the farm. This is in no way a threat. It is but a solemn promise & my oath being honored. The Constitution of the United States of America shall be guarded.

  • Pat Cross

    no shitty sharia law in the US

  • AnnMarie Ceballos

    But brain dead minions are still backing up this shit? Really? They still want these people here? Like they love to point out “America was constructed on the backs of people fleeing religious persecution” then why are these people trying to impose their views on Americans who HAVE THE FREEDOM to practice whatever they wish! They need to realize, YOU ARE A GUEST here, but you are definitely more than welcome to leave! Islam and the Quran are not peaceful. Their goal is to make everyone obey Allah and bow down to Allah… they need to extinguish the infedels. Why can’t you people see that? Read the Quran, google the passages or verses or whatever… UNDERSTAND what the fuck your defending!!!!!!

    • Excellent point! If they are fleeing persecution, why do they still wan to impose Sharia law – that does not allow for freedom, makes women less than second class citizens, and kills people for even just words they might say?

      • AnnMarie Ceballos

        This is what I can’t fathom! How can the American people stand up to defend these people that do abide and welcome Sharia Law, yet they also stand up for women’s rights… it doesn’t make sence. How can you defend a Woman’s rights, while defend the right to practice the one religion that devalues and inhumanly sees and treats a woman?

  • Mike

    A prime reason we have the 2nd amendment.

  • PhilS

    This confirms my thought that Islam isn’t a religion but a political philosophy. Hence it should not be afforded 1st Amendment protections and should be viewed and treated as any other hostile foreign power attempting conquest of the USA.

  • T O M M Y * A T K I N S

    share’ah states that the beard must be at least a fist’s length. Carrol’s beard is anti-share’ah.

  • Constitutionalist56

    This clearly makes the Islamic “religion” ILLEGAL. Pislam is a theocracy or “Religious Government”, exactly what the first amendment was designed to protect against.
    They are trying to use our own laws against us, this is why there is a CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood in this country and exactly why they all need to be banned forever!