MAN IS BEAT UP For Opposing Illegal Immigrants…Hispanic Reporter Asks Him “Are you a racist?” [Video]

This video demonstrates that anyone of any race can be a racist.

This reporter is called out by a white man and his black friend for making assumptions that the white man is a racist simply because he is white. He was the one who was beat up, simply because he thinks that the U.S. should follow its immigration laws like other countries do who want to know who is coming into their country.

The reporter assumes the white man is racist, because his skin is white. The man’s black friend steps up and for him. The black man jumps in and asks the reporter if she is a racist. See the partial transcript below:

Black man: “Are you a racist?”

Reporter: “No.”

Black man: “So why would you ask him if he is a racist? Why would you ask that question? You are asking him because he is white. And you want to get away with this racist remark? Are you a racist?”

Reporter: “No, no.”

Black man: “So why is it that he is a racist because he is standing up for his country? …. Why don’t you ask me if I’m racist? Because I’m black, right? I love America too and I think illegal aliens need to be shipped back to their country. So why is that racist? You are a racist for asking him that question. You’re only doing it because he’s white and that’s what you’re going to show on your report tonight. You shouldn’t play that kind of game. That’s a dumb question. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are in America taking advantage of all the benefits that America has to offer. And your only comment is, ‘Are you racist?’ That doesn’t make any sense.”


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