Fiery Rand Paul Blisters Schumer’s ‘Scurrilous’ Remarks in Real Time, Says Trump Should Sue for Defamation

Chuck Schumer might have finally gone too far.

The infamously partisan Senate minority leader has spent President Donald Trump’s administration playing a heckler’s role, pretending to tears over the plight of immigrant children when cameras were rolling and maliciously jeering the undeniable successes of the economy during the Trump presidency.

But in a Tuesday morning news conference, the career political hack from New York City took his criticism of Trump further than ever, insinuating without a shred of evidence that the president’s family had profited personally from deals made during Trump’s time in the White House.

In an interview only moments later, a clearly agitated Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky had a suggestion that might finally shut down Schumer:

Trump, he said, should take Schumer to court for defamation. full story

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