Sen. Ernst Blasts Democrats Over Double Standards When It Comes To Ukraine Aid

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UPDATED 11:34 AM PT — Friday, January 24, 2020

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is slamming Democrats for applying a double standard when it comes to how the Obama administration handled Ukraine aid compared to President Trump.

While taking to Twitter Thursday, she called Democrat House managers hypocrites and slammed them for criticizing the president over his decision to withhold aid to Ukraine when multiple Democrats voted against the very same bill that granted aid to the country in the first place.

Democrats have made President Trump’s brief decision to stop aid from entering Ukraine last year the key talking point in their impeachment trial. The Iowa senator also told reporters outside the hearings, the president has actually done more to help the people of Ukraine than the Obama administration did. He made the following comments:

“When did Russia roll their tanks into Crimea? That was 2014: Obama administration. How did the Obama administration react to that invasion of ukraine? they reacted by sending blankets. Blankets don’t throw lead down range. this administration, President Trump, provided lethal aid to the Ukrainian people, actually provided them an opportunity to defend themselves.”

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