WATCH: GOP Rep. Greg Steube: Not One Democrat Voted to Protect Women’s Sports

Greg Steube On Men Competing In Women's Sports


Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube was disgusted to tell Fox News that not a single Democrat voted in favor of a bill that would protect women’s sports from biological males who claim to be transgender women.

Steube appeared on a recent broadcast of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he unloaded on House Democrats for refusing to vote to protect women.

The Florida congressman recently introduced a bill that would have banned “schools from using Title IX federal funds to support women sports if biological men are allowed to compete with them,” Steube told Carlson.

Steube, a former Army JAG officer and Iraq War veteran, told Carlson that he was amazed that we have come to a day when we even have to say that only women should compete against other women.

“It’s just fascinating that we are in a place in our country where you have to file bills to make it clear that women are actually going to be competing with women and women’s sports,” Steube told the Fox host.

Steube added that Democrats came down on the side of transgenders who “identify as a woman that day and want the ability to compete.”

Carlson was agog that it has become necessary to file bills to protect girls, and he wondered, “how can people who pretend they’re feminists, that they’re carrying the torch for women, support something that hurts girls?”

“We are completely eroding what women sports are if we are going to allow biological men to compete with women in women’s collegiate activities,” the congressman added. full story

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