Iranian National Arrested Near Mar-a-Lago with $22,000, a Machete, an Ax and Several Knives — Entered US as a Refugee

Masoud Yarieilzoleh

Iranian national Masoud Yarieilzoleh was arrested on Friday in Bradley Park in Palm Beach.

Yarieilzoleh was carrying $22,00o in cash, a machete and knives.

When officers asked Masoud to stand up they found another knife and an ax.


Masoud Yarieilzoleh was arrested just miles from President Trump’s permanent address at Mar-a-Lago.

Via the Palm Beach Daily News:

Police asked Yarieilzoleh to stand up, and when he did, they noticed a large machete under a mat where he was lying and a knife where he had been sitting.

Yarieilzoleh verbally consented to a search of his belongings. An additional knife and an ax were found in a bag, the report said.

The two knives were approximately 4.5 inches in length, and the machete 17 inches, according to the report.

Yarieilzoleh was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and was released late Friday. He is scheduled to appear in court at 1 p.m. Jan. 29.

Police said Friday that along with the weapons, he had $22,000 in his possession. The police report does not mention the money because it was not the cause for the arrest, police said.

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