1,000 Honduran Migrants Preparing NEW US-Bound Caravan

Honduras Caravan

San Pedro Sula (Honduras) (AFP) – Close to 1,000 people have gathered in Honduras’ second city forming a migrant caravan that will soon head for the United States, a human rights activist told AFP.

Thousands of Central American migrants have been braving the risk of extortion, kidnap and even murder as they flee poverty and gang violence in their homelands in a bid to reach the American dream, much to the annoyance of US President Donald Trump.

“Right now we’re close to 1,000 people but there are buses arriving from different parts of the country,” Bartolo Fuentes, a journalist, human rights defender and former lawmaker told AFP on Tuesday night.

The government accused him of organizing the first such caravan in October 2018, a charge he denies.

Under a light drizzle, men women and children congregated in parks and the central metro station in the city of San Pedro Sula, around 180 kilometers (110 miles) north of the capital Tegucigalpa.

Would be migrants, “mostly from rural areas,” according to Fuentes, were alerted to the caravan through social media, which was then picked up by television channels. full story

Caravan the sequel begs the same question as the original, if they are seeking refuge or asylum, they are supposed to go to the nearest country to them which would be Mexico. Unless of course this is another political stunt gearing up for an election year. –@RhettOctober

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