Democrat Elissa Slotkin REFUSES to Answer Question About Her Role in Obama’s Billion Dollar Payoffs to Iran

Elissa Slotkin is a far left Democrat who ran for Congress in Michigan even though she never voted there and does not own any property there. Slotkin’s home is in the Washington DC area.

Elissa Slotkin is a former CIA analyst.

This week Slotkin introduced the War Powers legislation to limit President Trump’s powers on confronting Iran.

Elissa Slotkin was a top CIA analyst behind the Obama Iranian deal. Many suspect her role in the billions in bribes and pallets of cash that were hand delivered to the Iranian regime.

Rep. Slotkin refuses to discuss her role in Obama’s multi-billion dollar payoffs to the Iranian mullahs.

In November when facing constituents Slotkin refused to answer questions about her involement in Obama’s secret payments to Iran.

Why is that?

And why is Slotkin leading the charge against President Trump in favor of the Iranian regime?

Whose side is she on anyway? See video below. (Originally posted)

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