Kinzinger: ‘More Convinced’ Killing Soleimani Was ‘Right Thing’

By Sandy Fitzgerald

Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Wednesday he’s “fully convinced” President Donald Trump took the right action when ordering the airstrike to kill Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani after hearing the evidence key administration members presented to Congress.

“After 10 years of being here, it was the most revealing classified briefing, we’ve had in a large setting like that,” the Illinois Republican told Fox News’ “Daily Briefing.” “There was a lot of information revealed that I can’t get into, but I’m convinced more than ever, and I was fully convinced, (this was) to save American lives on an imminent basis, and they did the right thing.”

However, he said he was annoyed with Democrats who could not take “yes or no or whatever it is” for an answer to their concerns.

“I think they invested in this strike before knowing the intelligence, and they couldn’t be convinced,’ Kinzinger said. “It’s being political so quickly, and I hope that changes.” full story

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