Facebook “Blocks” Conservative Account For Posting Story Verified By Mainstream

Facebook censorship of conservatives

On October 15, Facebook blocked our page from posting. Resistance Feed, a conservative news website, had posted a link to a Townhall.com story about ABC posting fake footage of the skirmish between the Kurds and the Turks.

ABC retracted that video, which was actually footage of an explosion in Kentucky in 2017.

Shortly after posting that link to our Facebook page, Facebook blocked our page from posting links and left us the following message preserved in screenshots:

Facebook censorship of conservatives

Facebook blocked Resistance Feed’s page for one week because they posted a link that exposed ABC and other mainstream media outlets as having bias and posting stories that were untrue.

ABC retracted the story, admitting that the video footage was not from the Middle East and not of the Kurds and/or Turks but rather a video of an explosion in the United States in Kentucky from 2017.

So Resistance Feed wasn’t posting an unsupported accusation, but one that ABC had admitted to and that had been reported by other outlets including mainstream sources.

Facebook censorshipThe claims of Facebook bias have existed for years and have even been brought before Congress where Facebook founder and owner Mark Zuckerberg appeared to make an admission of guilt, suggesting that the social media giant likely had bias because it was located in the blue state of California.

Such specific censorship of content that isn’t disputed or slander is especially troubling giving the upcoming elections.

Based on this activity, Facebook is demonstrating bias and even an outright agenda of silencing political voices with whom they disagree. Appeals to Facebook have gone unanswered.

UPDATE 10/21/2019: Additional Censorship Without Activity

After being blocked from posting links until October 22, 2019, Facebook randomly extended the block to October 27. The message says, “Your Page has been blocked from sharing links. This limit is temporary and expires Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 7:43 AM.”

This is unfounded because since there was a block on links before, the account hasn’t been able to post links. So no further so-called violation would even have been possible. See screenshot below:

New Facebook censorship of conservatives

Further appeals to Facebook are yet to be answered.

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