Former Google Leader: Trump Made a ‘Good Point’ About Google Bias


Tim Hwang, former global public policy lead for machine learning at Google, claimed President Trump made a “good point” about the company’s bias this week.

During his interview with Slate, Hwang pointed out that Google lacks transparency, a constant point of contention for Breitbart News and other critics of the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe, including Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale, who has targeted Facebook on transparency.

“The president’s tweet is picking up on a good point, but I don’t take as conspiratorial a view as he does on the questions of whether it’s biased or not biased,” declared Hwang. “I don’t think the question is whether or not it’s biased. All these systems embed some kind of bias. The question is: Do we have transparency to how some of these decisions are being made?”

“There are many ways of improving transparency that don’t necessarily require you to give up the exact code that would allow you to game the system,” he expressed. “Even the list of what they consider credible outlets is a really interesting and important thing for them to talk about and give more transparency. There are obvious reasons why they don’t: They feel like people would take it as conclusive evidence that they’re biased in some way.” full story

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