The Left Praises McCain Now, But Called Him A Nazi When He Opposed Them

John McCain

Though the left is gushing with praise for the late John McCain, they once called him a Nazi. That was when he opposed them politically.

Just like with Trump, the left compared McCain to Hitler. They do that whenever Republicans run against them. It’s their go-to.

Here are examples:

During the 2008 elections, Madonna used the appropriately-titled song “Get Stupid” to display images of Sen. John McCain alongside Hitler and Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, while showing Obama alongside Mahatma Gandhi and John Lennon.

The leftist magazine “Chronicles,” said that McCain had neonazi friends.

Huffington Post ran a story claiming that a McCain backer once said that Hitler was doing God’s will. It was a preacher who was a conservative and, by default, was supporting McCain. Therefore, McCain was connected to nazi support.

The left-leaning show Family Guy compared John McCain and Sarah Palin to Nazis. In one scene, characters Brian, Stewie, and neighbor Mort Goldman are transported back to Nazi Germany where they try to blend in by wearing uniforms of the Third Reich, one of which had a McCain/Palin button pinned to the lapel.

The Daily Kos, a massive left-wing publication ran an article entitled, “John McCain’s Nazi Connection.”

Gawker, a left-leaning publication, ran an article entitled McCain’s Nazi-Cocaine Connection. 

And here’s a Real Clear Politics article called, “Democrats And The Nazi Card.”

And here is the National Review with an article entitled, “The Democrats Who Cried Wolf,” with the subtitle, “Yet again, Democrats breathlessly declare the Republican candidate a Nazi — and wonder why no one is listening.”

It’s there go-to card. So that people will tolerate democrat candidates who want to cut our pay and rob our incomes by ever increasing taxes, want open borders despite the illegal immigrant violence we are seeing around the world and in our own country, and put globalist agendas over the American people.

That’s a terrible campaign platform so they call their opponents racists and Nazis to try to create opposition to the GOP.

That’s the democrat playbook and it has brainwashed quite a few – but not enough, thank God, and so President Trump was elected and lowered taxes, increased border defense, and renegotiated trade deals (something Bill Clinton talked about but didn’t do).

That’s good news for all Americans.

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