Private Sector Employment Exceeds Expectations – Again

The private sector has posted yet another successive month of job growth, bringing it to a straight six [that means ALL] out of the first 15 months of Donald Trump’s presidency.

According to payroll processor Automatic Data Processing and Moody’s Analytics, employers opened their doors to more than 204,000 new employees in April 2018 alone. Economists had previously told the Wall Street Journal that the market was expected to grow by about 190,000. April also marks the six straight month of job growth greater than 200,000.

ADP Research Institute Vice President Ahu Yildirmaz said “the labor market continues to maintain a steady pace of strong job growth with little sign of a slowdown,” but claimed that “as the labor pool tightens it will become increasingly difficult for employers to find skilled talent.”

On May 4, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will publish their own analysis. Economists expect them to report a growth of 195,000 nonfarm jobs, up from 103,000 in March 2018. source

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