Report: Trump Calls Gary Cohn a ‘Globalist’ in Oval Office Trade Meeting

President Trump called his economic adviser Gary Cohn a “globalist” on the issue of trade in a White House fight over tariffs, a new Axios report reveals.

According to Axios’ Jonathan Swan, there was a fight in the Oval Office in January between the economic nationalists (Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and Director of the White House National Trade Council Peter Navarro) and the trade globalists of the West Wing (Gary Cohn and Rob Porter).

During the brawl, as Cohn was arguing against tariffs that Trump is now set to impose on aluminum and steel to protect American industries, the president allegedly chimed in and repeatedly called Cohn a “globalist.”

Swan reports:

Cohn tried to argue that these tariffs would ruin Trump’s record-setting stock market streak and wipe away benefits of tax reform. But Trump kept saying Cohn was a “globalist” while he himself was an economic nationalist.

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