Is An AR-15 An “Assault Rifle”?

In wake of the horrific murders that took place in America’s schools, calls for bans on certain types of weapons have sounded from the left and from concerned American citizens. The media along with people pushing a gun-control agenda have referred to AR-15 guns as “assault rifles,” which is an incorrect designation.

AR means Armalite Rifle. Armalite is the company who first sold this model. A true assault weapon is fully automatic and belt fed, meaning that the trigger is pulled and more than one bullet fires in succession without the need to pull the trigger again. Some refer to this as a “machine gun.”

Examples of a machine gun or true assault weapon are the Charlton Automatic Rifle and the Colt Machine Gun.

With an AR-15 (Armalite Rifle 15) the trigger is pulled once and one bullet comes out. For another bullet to fire, the trigger would have to be pulled once more. So the common reference in the media to an AR-15 being an assault rifle is incorrect.

The video below quickly explains the differences between the style of AR-15 rifle that is in the video, a military M249 SAW, which is a fully automatic gun, an M16, and a hunting rifle.

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