University of Wisconsin-Madison ‘Problem of Whiteness’ and ‘Social Justice and Hip-Hop’ Courses Spark Debate

A professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison known for his “Problem of Whiteness” course is facing criticism again for his new course on the relationship between social justice and hip-hop.
University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Damon Sajnani, who is best known for his course called “The Problem of Whiteness,” has introduced a new course this semester called “Global HipHop and Social Justice.”

When Sajnani introduced “The Problem of Whiteness” course, it sparked a backlash around Wisconsin. “Race is an ideological structure created for the purpose of global European domination,” Sajnani wrote in a piece on race. “It is designed to be fixed and permanent; to reify the contingent relations of colonial subjugation into immutable identities.”

According to the new course description, students will learn about more than just hip-hop. The course will also cover topics such as colonialism and imperialism.

“Our discussions will develop familiarity with important concepts in Black studies and social theory such as race and colonialism, imperialism and hegemony, structure and agency, identity and strategic essentialism,” the course description reads. full story

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