Canadian Couple Rejected By Canadian Socialized Medicine Finds Quick Treatment In U.S.

A young Canadian couple who recently returned from holiday in the Dominican Republic are warning vacationers not to get the ‘sand between your toes’ after picking up some nasty parasites.

‘[We] found that we were scratching our feet quite a bit,’ Stephens told CTV News on Friday, adding that they had heard about sand fleas and ‘kind of assumed it was that at first.’

But after returning home to Ontario on January 18, Zytner said he became alarmed when he noticed his feet had become severely swollen and small bumps had developed on his toes.

The couple decided to seek medical attention for their malady, but the first two doctors who were tasked with treating them were left stumped.

Luckily, a third doctor was able to diagnose their condition, having seen similar symptoms from a tourist who recently traveled to Thailand.

The physician informed them that they had contracted larva migrans, more commonly known as hookworms, most likely as they walked around the beach barefoot.

Hookworms found in the Caribbean can enter into human skin if it comes in contact with an infected surface, according to CTV News.

Doctors said the condition can be treated with a medication called ivermectin, Stephens wrote in a Facebook post about the ordeal.

Unfortunately for the couple, they ran into a problem.

‘We found out that Health Canada had denied our request to receive the medication saying our case wasn’t severe enough. At that point, that’s when we freaked out a little,’ she said.

The situation, however, was resolved when Stephens’ mother volunteered to drive into nearby Detroit, Michigan and pick up the medication from the pharmacy. full story

Good ole capitalism! Products sits on the shelves for you – not you hoping to be approved by a government panel.

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