Will Questioning Climate Change Become Illegal?

October 16, 2017 splurgenews 0

In Orwell’s book, Ministry of Truth ‘history re-writer’ Winston Smith quietly rebelled against this oppression, starting a diary expressing forbidden thoughts. But government telescreens were everywhere. Watched constantly, Smith’s every move was monitored. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the consequences of being caught were dire; the stress on individuals enormous. […More]

Will McCain Block Tax Cuts?

October 13, 2017 Rhett October 0

By Tory Newmyer It’s a specter that should stalk the nightmares of Republican leaders: a Senate chamber, packed on Christmas Eve, as lawmakers gather to decide the fate of a tax package that will shape […More]

Irma Illusions – and Realities

September 22, 2017 Paul Driessen 0

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought out the best in us. Millions of Americans are giving money, toil and sweat to help victims rebuild. Unfortunately, the storms also highlighted some people’s baser instincts. Some advanced ideological […More]

London Bans Uber

September 22, 2017 Rhett October 0

UBER has come out fighting after being stripped of its licence – as tens of thousands of fuming customers sign a petition to keep the app alive in London. Transport for London announced this morning […More]

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