London Bans Uber

Uber employs 40,000 drivers in London alone - but TFL has deemed it 'not fit and proper' to hold a licence.

UBER has come out fighting after being stripped of its licence – as tens of thousands of fuming customers sign a petition to keep the app alive in London.

Transport for London announced this morning that the company will not be given another private hire operator licence after its current one expires on September 30 over safety fears.

They said Uber in London is “not fit and proper” to hold the licence but the firm is going to appeal the decision and will be able to operate in the capital until the process is over.

If they lose the appeal, Londoners will no longer be able to get an Uber – but the move will be welcomed by black cab drivers who have long campaigned against the private hire company.

Uber has since urged its London users to fight the decision as 40,000 drivers – the equivalent of the population of Dover in Kent – will lose their jobs.

There are currently 3.5 million passengers in London using the app – just under half the population of the capital.

More than 33,000 people have already signed a petition set up by Tom Elvidge, general manager of Uber in London, calling on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to make a U-turn on the plans.

The company also sent out an email to its London users who are as “astounded” by the decision as Uber… full story

That is what socialism does. It gives the government the power to make decisions OVER the consumer. -Rhett October

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