Women Are Driving Force for Millennial Gun Sales


A surprising percentage of gun sales to 18-29-year-old Americans go to gun buyers the left rarely wishes to acknowledge — women.

To talk about women buying guns is to undercut the left’s tired excuse that more and more guns are simply being purchased by the same old white men.

According to Bustle, personal protection is a big driver for Millennial females who buy guns — and so is “empowerment.” Shea Drake said, “I grew up in a hunting family, and while I haven’t gone hunting in about 10 years, I still target shoot fairly regularly.” She said, “I am lucky that, so far, I haven’t had to use my guns for self-defense. But, I am glad that I know what to do if such a situation were to arise thanks to regular target practice. There is a sense of security in having a gun in my home, and knowing how to use it.”

Taylor Giardina said, “I’ve grown up shooting firearms both recreationally and for hunting, my entire life. My family always did this together as a family activity, and I was taught a lot about gun safety and ownership rights at a young age.” She added, “Though I have not had to use [a gun] for self defense, I am happy to know I have one. When I moved out on my own in college, I never worried about lack of a security system because I know how to use a firearm. It was a very empowering experience to know I can protect myself.”

Bustle quotes a study from 2003 to argue that women are less safe if they have a gun in the house. In so doing, they failed to highlight the myriad real-life stories of women using guns for self-defense. full story

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