WINNING! DOJ Gives ‘Priority Consideration in Funding Decisions’ to Non-Sanctuary Jurisdictions


The Department of Justice announced a new set of priorities for one of its law enforcement grants that will place so-called “sanctuary cities” behind jurisdictions that cooperate in federal immigration enforcement.

According to DOJ documents acquired by Breitbart News, the DOJ’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), which issues one of the department’s most important discretionary grant programs for state and local law enforcement agencies, will allow applicants for this year’s cycle to certify their cooperation with Department of Homeland Security immigration enforcement efforts. Certified cooperative agencies will receive “priority consideration in funding decisions” for the fiscal year 2017 COPS grant program.

The requirements for certification roughly mirror the requirements DOJ put in place in July to prevent non-cooperative sanctuary cities from participating in the department’s Bryne Grant program. Agencies will pledge that DHS officials will have access to their correctional and detention facilities in order to check aliens’ immigration status. They also must certify that they will give at least 48-hours notice to federal authorities before releasing aliens for which DHS requests such notification. full story

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