Sanders: ‘Does Anyone Really Believe’ Clinton’s Critique of Me in Her Book?


On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shot back at one Hillary Clinton’s critiques of him in her book, “What Happened” by wondering if anyone actually believed it.

Anchor Chris Hayes read Sanders a portion of the book where Clinton accuses him of constantly coming out with policy proposals that were further to the left than her’s, regardless of their realism and quotes her policy adviser Jake Sullivan comparing Sanders to the hitchhiker in “There’s Something About Mary” who proposes marketing seven-minute abs instead of eight-minute abs.bernie sanders just stole all of

Sanders responded, “I.e., Bernie Sanders just stole all of Hillary Clinton’s ideas. Does anyone really believe that? The truth is, and the real story is that the ideas we brought forth during that campaign, which was so crazy and so radical, have increasingly become mainstream.”

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