True Racists Revealed in Destruction of Confederate Icons

by Buff Scott, JR.

History is being destroyed at the hands of racists. Yes, you read me correctly. Those who are waging opposition against racism by ravaging history have become the perpetrators of what they condemn.

I’m not a racist, never have been, never will be. But when historical icons like Confederate statues that testify to our divisive history is demolished, those guilty have lost their sense of logic and rationale.

For if their destructive behavior is morally and nationally acceptable, there will be no end to the destruction of American history. Even books—all books—in Libraries across our nation that write about and depict national and political divisiveness will ‘need’ to be destroyed or burned.

In the end, we will have evolved into a lawless nation and, as our president noted today, statue icons of Washington, Jefferson, Martin Luther King, and others—all symbols of different movements and political philosophies, will meet their fate just as our current Confederate symbols are meeting their fate.

ISIS in Iraq has demolished much of Iraq’s history—including the biblical history of Babylon and other ancient nations. Are we going the same route? Will America finally abort itself?

It has to stop. For if Law-Enforcement officials do not step in and stop this nonsense, they will eventually “see the handwriting on the wall.”

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