BREAKING: Another ‘Suspected’ Terrorist Attack in Paris

A 37-year-old man was arrested Wednesday afternoon in a gun battle after a manhunt was launched following an apparent attack in which French soldiers were hit by a car in a suburb of Paris.

It is reported that six soldiers of the 25th infantry regiment were injured in the incident, two of them seriously. Ouest France reports the car involved in the incident waited outside a French army barracks in Levallois-Perret, a suburb of Paris, driving into the soldiers as they left the facility at approximately 0815 Wednesday morning.

The car was driven away after it struck the soldiers, and police launched a manhunt. Six hours later, officers arrested a suspect who was driving north on the motorway in the direction of Calais, according to reports.

The arrested man, said to be the main suspect in the investigation, was hit in an exchange of gunfire with officers and was evacuated to hospital afterwards. His identity has not yet been revealed.

Levallois-Perret Mayor Patrick Balkany, who witnessed the strike, has called it “undoubtedly a deliberate act”, and said the car was “pre positioned” ready to strike in an act of “odious aggression”. However French police are urging caution in labelling it a terror attack, and have suggested it could have been an accident, reports BFMTV. full story

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