Philosopher Backs Trump’s Transgender Ban in Military: ‘Biology Is Not Bigotry’


A leading American philosopher has thrown his support behind President Donald Trump’s decision to reinstate the ban on transgender individuals in the military, arguing that such a decision clearly serves the best interest of the U.S. military.

Dr. Ryan T. Anderson, author of the forthcoming book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, has noted that people who identify as transgender “suffer a host of mental health and social problems—including anxiety, depression, and substance abuse—at higher rates than the general population.”

“Biology isn’t bigotry,” Ryan states, “and we need a sober and honest assessment of the human costs of getting human nature wrong.”

The U.S. military is extremely strict in its requirements for the physical and mental health of enlisting soldiers, and disqualifies individuals for a host of reasons, including ulcers, chronic conjunctivitis, genital herpes, heart arrhythmia, anosmia, Tourett’s, dyslexia, anorexia, agoraphobia, hypochondria, self-mutilation and suicidal behavior.

Regarding that final point, Anderson points out that “41 percent of people who identify as transgender will attempt suicide at some point in their lives, compared to 4.6 percent of the general population. And people who have had transition surgery are 19 times more likely than average to die by suicide.”

The abnormally high suicide risk of transgender individuals alone would seem to advise against having them serving in the military.

The most helpful therapies for gender dysphoria (feeling like a person of the opposite sex), Anderson states, “focus not on achieving the impossible—changing bodies to conform to thoughts and feelings—but on helping people accept and even embrace the truth about their bodies and reality.”

And since the mission of the armed forces is winning wars and protecting the nation, he adds, “any personnel policy must prioritize military readiness and mission-critical purposes first.”

What merits serious questioning, Anderson suggests, is not why President Trump has reinstated the tried-and-true policy of keeping people suffering from gender dysphoria out of the military, which reflects common sense, but rather President Obama’s politically driven attempt to change it. full story

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