Give The Russia Nonsense A Rest

Peel back just a few layers on Robert Mueller’s probe and it’s purely partisan: Opposing view

President Trump recently called Washington more of a sewer than a swamp. With the stench of blatant bias and partisanship surrounding the Russia probe worsening by the day, he’s right.

You’d think after more than six months of this Russia nonsense, they’d give it a rest. But that’s what the Democratic Party does in place of policy.

The Democrats’ chorus of praise for special counsel Robert Mueller is at a fever pitch. Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, blessed Mueller with an unprecedentedly broad mandate, tweeting that it’s “his duty” to investigate “anything that arises.” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said firing Mueller would be a “cataclysm.”

Liberal whining about the Trump administration is expected, but the hypocrisy about the “independent” Russian probe is ridiculous. In just months, the person once blamed for Hillary Clinton’s defeat, James Comey, has transformed into a valiant public servant who spawned this important inquiry.

Peel back just a few layers on Mueller’s probe and it’s purely partisan. Only in Washington does this investigation pass as “independent.” full op-ed

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