Melinda Gates Commits $375 Million to Global Family Planning to Counter Trump’s Pro-Life Policy


Melinda Gates announced at the Global Family Planning Summit in London that the foundation she heads with her husband will contribute an additional $375 million to help counter President Donald Trump’s pro-life international policy.

Gates said the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will increase its family planning funding by 60 percent, offering an additional $375 million over the next four years, with about $250 million to be used for family planning for teens around the world, reports Marie Claire.

“This is a difficult political climate for family planning,” Gates said at the Summit. “I’m deeply troubled, as I’m sure you are, by the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts.”

“If empowering women is more than just rhetoric for the president, he will prove it by funding family planning,” she added, according to the Guardian.

The Summit is co-hosted by the Gates Foundation, the U.K. Department for International Development, and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The Summit’s website says it is also in “close partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Global Affairs Canada.”

In a press release, Gates said:

Access to contraceptives changes everything. Women are freer to work outside the home, earn an income, and contribute to the economy. Mothers and fathers can devote more resources to their kids’ health and education—setting them up for a more productive future. Multiply that by millions of families, and you see why contraceptives are one of the greatest antipoverty innovations the world has ever known—and one of the smartest investments countries can make. Through the new commitments expected today at the Family Planning Summit, we have made a bold statement that investing in family planning is crucial to building the healthier and more prosperous future we’re all working towards.

Soon after his inauguration, Trump signed an executive order that reinstated what is known as the “Mexico City Policy” regarding U.S. aid for abortions overseas.

The “Mexico City Policy” – called the “global gag rule” by the abortion industry and its allies – prohibits non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive U.S. funds, including International Planned Parenthood, from providing or promoting abortions, as a method of family planning, overseas.

The policy also bans these organizations from advocating for the passage of pro-abortion laws in other countries in which abortion is either illegal or restricted.

Trump, however, went one step further: he updated the policy by directing the Secretary of State to implement a plan that expands the policy across all global health assistance funding. This means that U.S. taxpayer dollars will not be supporting any organizations that promote or participate in the management of abortion programs.

The UNFPA, for example, is one such organization, with its long history of supporting China’s one-child population control program, an agenda that has included forced abortions. full story

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