Linda Sarsour’s ‘Jihad and Allah’ Speech Blows Up Her Political Support

Many left-wing progressive and Islamic political groups have quietly walked away from Islamic activist Linda Sarsour since her incendiary July 1 appeal for Muslims in America to declare jihad on elected President Donald Trump.

She is getting sharp-eyed criticism from experts on Islam for her call to jihad against Trump — and for her calls for Islamic self-segregation and loyalty to Allah only. But she is getting only tepid and perfunctory public support from her usual alliance of Islamic and progressive allies.

Her supporting hashtag, #IStandWithLinda, shows few tweets of support from well-known Democrats, and a growing number of critics.

Very few politicians, political donors or progressive activists have spoken up in her favor. For example, she has got no support from Bernie Sanders whom she supported throughout the 2016 election.

Few media outlets are broadcasting her novel claim that jihad actually means public criticism. The New York Times posted a gushing article in 2015 about the “Brooklyn Homegirl in a Hijab,” but has completely ignored her after the speech. HuffPo has posted just two weak op-eds defending her jihad advocacy, and Buzzfeed has not said anything since legal correspondent Chris Geidner tweeted out a defense of her without recognizing Sarsour’s multiple references to jihad in her “word of truth” phrase. full story

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