Group of Syrian Migrants Brutally Beat Man After Accusing Him of Being Homosexual


Syrian origin 31-year-old Gabriel Chabo claims that he was severely beaten by a group of Syrian migrants in the Swedish town of Södertälje after the men claimed that he was homosexual.

Mr Chabo was walking around the town on Friday afternoon with his brother when he was approached by several men he was unfamiliar with. The men, who he claims were lSyrian migrants, started getting aggressive with Chabo calling him homophobic insults and ultimately beating him with weapons and slamming his head repeatedly into a car door Expressen reports.

According to Chabo, when the men approached him they said, “if you are going to stay in Sodertalje, you pay money because you are gay.” Chabo said that he responded to them claiming that he was straight and telling the group to leave him alone.

Chabo said the likely reason for the attack was his open stance on supporting gay rights. He said the incident is not the first time he has had trouble saying that the beauty salon which he owns has been subject to vandalism in the past and also mentioned highly aggressive social media posts earlier in 2017.

Now unable to sleep without medication Chabo said he felt lucky to be alive after the attack. “I just thought that I did not want to die. I saw my life pass by in a second,” he said, “My nose is completely skewed. I can not see myself in the mirror, I do not feel good at all.” full story

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