Male Model Butchered by Iraqi Militants for Being Too Stylish

Baghdad ( A young theatrical actor and model was found brutally murdered and strewn in a street in Baghdad on Monday, with security sources and his fans attributing the murder to his appearance.

Karar Nushi, an actor and a student at the Institute Of Fine Arts in Baghdad, was found dead at Palestine Street, north of the capital, hours after he was declared missing.

NRT network quoted security sources saying that Nushi’s dead body bore signs of brutal torture and several stabs.

His social media fans say he had received earlier death threats from anonymous persons who disapproved of his tight outfits and exceptional hairstyle. There had also been rumors that Nushi was planning to take part in a male beauty pageant. full story

According to the New York Post:

Authorities believe that several Islamist groups have murdered young Iraqis over their appearance or sexual orientation, according to Iraqi News.

Last year, ISIS militants threw a man from the top of a building in Kirkuk, Iraq, after he was accused of being gay.

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