Nikki Haley Catches Heat for Slashing UN Peacekeeping Funds

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley caught some flak for a tweet she posted Wednesday night that said the U.N. has slashed its peacekeeping budget.

Haley posted this tweet late Wednesday evening:

The backlash to the message was swift, with people questioning why the U.N. would boast about cutting funding to that mission. full story

Just because it’s called “peace keeping,” doesn’t mean all the money goes to actually doing that. There’s all kinds of bureaucracy and waste. I mean some of this is used as bribery foreign dictators for crying out loud. to And with the U.S. in colossal debt despite record tax revenues, cleaning up our foreign spending is paramount. It’s a joke to think that peace can be bought. Follow @RhettOctober

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