White House Fights for Border Wall Funding in Trump Budget

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Trump Administration fiscal year 2018 budget set to be released on Tuesday dedicates $1.6 billion specifically for new and replacement southern border wall, in accordance with Trump’s signature “build the wall” campaign promise.

Initial documents released to reporters on Monday detailed $1.6 billion set aside for “new and replacement border wall in locations identified by the Border Patrol as operational priorities to impede the flow of illegal crossings.”

Another $1 billion is largely broken up between providing air assets, equipment and facility needs, surveillance technology, road construction and maintenance, and a portion to “recapitalize non-intrusive inspection equipment at ports of entry.”

There is another over $300 million listed in summary pages that is marked for “recruiting and hiring additional agents, officers, investigators, attorneys, and support staff at CBP and ICE, as well as investments at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to begin training the surge of new enforcement staff.”

During a Monday press briefing, Office of Management Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters that the budget provides money to meet the President’s campaign promises. One of these was money for border security, specifically, “That means bricks and mortar for a wall, technology, people, infrastructure at the border.” full story

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