John Bolton: ‘Politically Motivated’ Leaks Are ‘Partisan Tools’ to Destroy the Trump Presidency

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton talked about President Trump’s upcoming overseas trip, politically motivated leaks designed to damage the Trump presidency, and the release of Chelsea Manning from prison on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

“On the first leg, the visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel, he’s scheduled to give some very important speeches,” Bolton said of Trump’s overseas journey. “One thinks of Obama’s speech in Cairo near the beginning of his administration, and what that signaled, and the disasters that followed from that because of Obama’s inability to understand the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. Trump now has an opportunity to set out his view, which we know is very different, in Saudi.”

“And then of course the visit to our most important ally in the region, Israel, is I think an excellent way to show the strength of the relationship, especially after all the media clamor in this country about the intelligence that Trump supposedly revealed to the Russian Foreign Minister, and all the consequences of that – which has been reported hysterically, although with a notable absence of real facts for the past week,” he said.

Bolton said bilateral meetings with foreign leaders and the Secretary-General of NATO would give Trump an opportunity to “show that he’s in command of the U.S. government, and to calm down a lot of the speculation and rumors about what his policies are.”

“I know that it’s a long trip. It doesn’t necessarily come at the best time, given everything else that’s going on, but these foreign trips are scheduled long in advance,” he noted. “I think the president needs to follow the advice he gave to the Coast Guard graduating students a few days ago, which is don’t let the critics distract you, focus on this very important foreign trip, the first of his administration, and make it a success.”

Marlow asked Bolton if it has been established that any classified information has been leaked to the Russians “that could really do harm to America or our allies.”

“I don’t think there’s anything that I’ve seen in the press yet that would give me that kind of pause,” Bolton replied.

“I can tell you, I just got back from Singapore late last night. I’ve been gone for some time. When you’re half the world away, obviously you’re still reading the same Internet news and the same media reports that people in the United States are, but it gives you a little bit of distance. I’m just trying to figure out, what exactly was it that he supposedly said to the Russians that should be a cause for concern about imperiling intelligence sources inside ISIS and the like? I haven’t seen it yet,” he said.

“Having traveled to Singapore through the Middle East, yesterday I took my computer out of my briefcase in Dubai as I got on the plane to come back to the United States, having transferred there from Singapore. Everybody in the Middle East knows that there’s concern about laptops being used as potential bombs,” he noted. “Our Department of Homeland Security has talked to the Europeans about extending the ban on laptops in the cabins of trans-Atlantic airplanes to European capitals. So there’s no news here.”

“If that is the best that people can come up with, I’m telling you this is a non-event. That’s just the first level of argumentation about whether this is pure foam on the waves, or whether there’s a real story here. Until we have something more specific, I think what we’ve really got is a case of leaks from the executive branch that are politically motivated. I’m saying this because I’ve seen this happen again and again in the last four months. I think there are people who are just so determined to stop the Trump presidency that everything becomes a partisan tool,” Bolton said. full story

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