Mexico Deporting More Than U.S.

Statistics released by the Honduran government for 2017 show that Mexico has deported over one thousand more Hondurans than the United States in the same period.

According to the report, Mexico has deported 8,726 Hondurans in 2017 while the United States has only deported 7,580, a difference of 1,146.

The overwhelming majority of Hondurans deported from both the U.S. and Mexico – nearly 78 percent – were male adults.

Violent street gangs are known to plague Honduras as the nation battles to regain control of its streets and prisons.

During the week of May 8, nearly two dozen Barrio 18 gang members escaped a military prison in Honduras, Breitbart Texas reported.

Breitbart Texas has covered in detail the crimes that have been committed on U.S. soil by illegal aliens from Honduras. full story

So does that make Mexico racist? -Rhett October

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