3 Tricky Ways Politicians Argue Against Border Walls

The national discussion and debate over a “border wall” can be confusing due to a number of factors; namely, anti-border barrier politicians use blanket statements and assertions that are inaccurate if applied to the entire U.S.-Mexico border region.

1. Talking about “the wall” or “a wall” when even Trump acknowledges that the reality is “portions of a wall” will be built.

Whether it is Texas Representative Will Hurd continuously talking about the ineffectiveness of a wall from sea to shining sea, or President Trump himself continuously talking about “the wall,” leaders with platforms do a disservice to the public with such terms and phrases. President Trump has continuously asserted that only portions of physical barriers are needed on the U.S.-Mexico border. No one is actually attempting to build a wall from “sea to shining sea.”

2. Talking about “the border” as though it is one monolithic region with similar needs and circumstances across the entire nine U.S. border sectors.

Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke has asserted that “the border is safe,” even if though this is an untrue assertion when applied to the entire border. Anyone who has comprehensive knowledge about the nine sectors of the southwest border knows that some areas are safe and many are not. Texas Representative Will Hurd also falls into this trap frequently. His district contains nearly 800 miles of Texas border, most of these 800 miles are remote and technology would work fine –in most of his district. A large portion of his district has sheer cliffs, therefore already possessing the physical barriers needed to have a more secure border and other areas have fencing that amount to a de facto wall. The remoteness of much of his district means that U.S. authorities would have a long time to hunt down border-crossers before they reached a U.S. community. This is simply not the case with other areas along the U.S.-Mexico border. Representative Hurd does a disservice by not acknowledging that some areas along the border actually do need physical barriers and that those areas are nothing like his district.

3. Giving puff tours of more secure sections of the border and portraying that more secure areas are representative of the border as a whole. full story

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