Google Goes All-In for Liberal Delusion with “Fact Checks” Run by Clickbait Tabloid Sites BuzzFeed and Salon

(Natural News) Acting as the ministry of propaganda for the state, search engine giant Google has implemented a new toolbar on its website portal that supposedly roots out “fake news” and tags it as such so users can better discern what’s “true” and what isn’t. The only problem, of course, is that what Google deems as fake news, in many cases, is really just news that challenges the status quo narrative, suggesting that users will soon be unable to pull up any information on Google that isn’t officially sanctioned by the government as being legitimate.

Google’s new “fact-checking” module is backed by none other than Snopes, a widely-popular disinformation gatekeeper that poses as an independent, bipartisan source for facts on a variety of issues. As it turns out, Snopes is nothing more than a special interest network of lies that works to keep a lid on anything that might expose the deep state agenda of the government and its mouthpieces in the mainstream media.

Also onboard with Google’s new censorship scheme are many of the usual suspects like The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and Salon, all of which have repeatedly exposed themselves as corrupt liars that obstruct the free flow of truthful information whenever they’re given the opportunity. This alliance of deceivers is reportedly working closely with Google to make sure that as little truth as possible gets out to the masses within the new module, which has already begun to work its magic in Google searches.

According to The Daily Wire, Google’s rationale for aligning itself with these questionable entities to screen and censor search engine content is that they represent “authoritative sources,” even though every single one of them is a left-leaning peddler of misinformation. Nevertheless, Google wants the world to believe that these are independent fact-checking services, and that they are looking out for the best interests of the public.

Google module attempting to hide truth about Hillary Clinton’s treasonous ties to Russia

Ironically enough, one subject that Google doesn’t want its users to learn the truth about is that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has some treasonous financial ties to Russia. When users conduct a search about the former Secretary of State’s approval of transferring 20 percent of U.S. uranium deposits to a company in Russia, they are met with an immediate denial of this truth. full story

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