Trump Claims Democrats ‘Made Up’ Reports About Russia’s Election Interference

On Monday President Trump took to Twitter, dismissing claims of Russia’s meddling in the presidential election as “FAKE NEWS.” In a series of tweets, President Trump alleged Democrats “made up and pushed the Russian story.” Trump claimed Democrats fabricated the story “as an excuse for running a terrible campaign”:

Trump then noted former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s remark earlier this month that a paper compiled by the DNI, NSA, FBI, and CIA included “no evidence” of Trump associates’ collusion with Russia. Clapper said neither he nor the agencies had uncovered any “evidence of such collusion.”

When candidate Trump suggested “voter rigging,” by Democrats, the mainstream media mocked and portrayed his claims as conspiracy theory. But Democrats make the same claim, after losing, and it’s considered news. Is there any doubt, by anyone, that the media is against Trump?

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