American Hiring at Three-Year High in February Under Trump Administration

Hiring across America is at its highest levels in three years amid rising business confidence under the Trump administration, figures from the ADP Research Institute reveal.

In the month of February, the number of private payrolls increased by 298,000, well above the original forecast of 187,000. January also saw levels of hiring above forecast, with a revised gain of 261,000 jobs created.

Jobs in construction also rose by 66,000, the highest in 11 years, while factories also added 32,000 new workers, the highest since 2012.

One of Donald Trump’s key campaign pledges was to bring jobs back to America, especially in Rustbelt states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, where industries have faltered and jobs have been outsourced to Mexico.

Following the election, a range of companies including Ford and Carrier Corporation have promised Trump to cancel their overseas expansion plans and instead invest in American jobs.

Technology firms such as Apple, Amazon, and Intel have all also pledged to create thousands of new jobs in America over the coming years.

Amid rising economic confidence, the Dow Jones industrial average broke record levels in January, breaking 20,000 points on its stock index. full story

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