Judge Blocks Texas Cutting Medicaid to Planned Parenthood


A federal judge has blocked Texas from stripping Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer Medicaid funding.
U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks of Austin says there is no “evidence” of Planned Parenthood’s wrongdoing in videos alleging the abortion chain harvests the body parts of aborted babies and sells them for a profit, reports the Associated Press.

“A secretly recorded video, fake names, a grand jury indictment, congressional investigations — these are the building blocks of a best-selling novel rather than a case concerning the interplay of federal and state authority through the Medicaid program,” Sparks wrote in his decision. “Yet, rather than a villain plotting to take over the world, the subject of this case is the State of Texas’s efforts to expel a group of health care providers from a social health care program for families and individuals with limited resources.”

More than a dozen states have attempted to eliminate Planned Parenthood’s funding in the wake of the release of videos in 2015 that alleged the abortion chain harvests the body parts of babies aborted in its clinics and sells them for a profit. These states have redirected taxpayer funding to other healthcare centers that have met the federal government’s criteria.

Federally qualified health care centers (FQHCs) provide more comprehensive services than Planned Parenthood to low-income families. Nationally, there are 13,000 FQHCs – a figure that outnumbers Planned Parenthood facilities by 20 to 1.

Despite the overwhelming number of FQHCs, however, the Obama administration, an avid supporter of the nation’s largest abortion business, said that by redirecting funding away from Planned Parenthood, states “have interfered with” low-income individuals’ ability to access federal assistance quickly. full story

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