House Approves Overturn of Obama Mandate of State Funds to Planned Parenthood


The House approved a resolution to overturn a last minute Obama Administration rule forcing states to provide Title X family planning grants to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

H.J. Res. 43, introduced by Rep. Diane Black (R-TN), was approved Thursday, 230-188. The resolution, which uses the Congressional Review Act to rescind the Obama Administration rule, must now go to the Senate before reaching the desk of President Donald Trump.

In leading the debate on the House floor in support of the resolution, Black said, “Despite the histrionics you may hear on the other side of the aisle today, with this resolution we are not voting to defund Planned Parenthood, voting to cut Title X funding, or voting to restrict abortion rights.”

“Madam Speaker, we are simply voting today to affirm the right of states to fund the healthcare providers that best suit their needs, without fear of reprisal from their own federal government,” she added.

In December, Obama’s deputies in the Department of Health and Human Services released the final rule that favored Planned Parenthood by barring states from diverting family planning funding from the abortion chain to federally qualified health centers that do not perform abortions. full story

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