Armed Citizen Intervenes, Stops Knife Attack in Walmart Parking


An armed citizen intervened and stopped a stabbing that was underway in a Walmart parking lot in Topeka, Kansas.
The incident occurred on Saturday around 4:00 p.m.

According to WIBW, the Topeka Police Department says, “two men were involved in an altercation.” One of the men was armed with a baseball bat, the other with a knife. One of the men had been stabbed when a bystander with a handgun noticed the altercation and stepped in to stop it.

Topeka police Sergeant Joshua Klamm said the armed citizen, “Drew his firearm, and held the people to the ground basically at gun-point.” Klamm said the armed citizen “is a concealed carry holder.” An off-duty TPD officer who works at the Walmart then rushed to the scene and took over. full story

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