Gaffney on Manning’s Early Release: Obama Only Cares About WikiLeaks When It Hurts Democrats

Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy president, talked about President Barack Obama’s commutation of Chelsea Manning’s sentence on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“I feel like I’ve seen this movie before,” Gaffney quipped to SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam. “In fact, it calls to mind all of the other instances, Raheem, in which we’ve had Barack Obama engage in national security fraud. I think that the gravity of the fraud in this instance is, of course, heightened by the signal that is being sent to every other would-be traitor, whether in our military or in our intelligence services, or in our State Department, or any other place, that ‘Hey, you can do it. You can get the celebrity – the notoriety, to be sure, but the celebrity – you can get, I don’t know, book contracts, you can get a nice life, because you will not be punished.’ Or maybe you won’t be punished. Maybe you have to change your sex to get that kind of special treatment. I don’t know.”

“But at the very least, Barack Obama has signaled that he is not concerned, as we’ve been led to believe, about people like WikiLeaks doing damage to our nation. I mean, he was concerned about them doing it to Democrats for sure, Democratic operatives for sure, but not to America. That’s what Bradley Manning did, of course, was incredible damage to America,” he said.

On so many different levels, I think this was scandalous,” he declared. “I believe that the American people should be – as they watched this man finally moving out of the White House and into, I guess, an ongoing active opposition mode to Donald Trump … the Obama legacy, really, is one of serial betrayal of America. And that’s the thing that I hope we all take away, as he does ride off into that sunset.” full story

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