Online Map of San Francisco Tracks Human Feces So Pedestrians Can Avoid Human Waste Problem

(NaturalNews) It’s no secret that San Francisco has a serious homelessness problem, with an estimated city street population between six and ten thousand. The homeless population is mostly confined to several downtown neighborhoods which are easy to spot – and smell.

San Francisco has had a shortage of working public restrooms since the city slashed funding for its Parks and Recreation department back in 2009. The city’s 311 help line has received a surge in reports of public defecation ever since.

The city’s Public Works department has also received a 13.5 percent increase of service orders generated from public service requests, in regards to the waste. One area of the city has reported a 140 percent rise in public “number two” deposits.

Public urination has also been on the rise, causing widespread damage to subway elevators, and escalators; building walls, and utility poles.

A web developer named Jennifer Wong has created a human wasteland map of San Francisco out of the public data that was available to her. The project won Zillow’s San Francisco office Fall 2014 Hack Week contest, and offers monthly maps from January till June of 2013. Although it has been years since the project, it still gives off a sense of where the problem is today. full story

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