BREAKING: Ford Cancels Plans For Plant in Mexico, Investing in Michigan Expansion Instead

Says Trump's Pro-Business Policies Big Factor In Staying In The U.S.

During his presidential campaign, President-elect Donald Trump decried the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States and made bringing them back his signature economic issue. As a presidential candidate, he told Ford Motor executives that if they moved their operations to Mexico and then tried to sell cars back into the United States, that he would add a tariff to their products when they crossed the border, making it where much fewer would buy Ford automobiles.

It appears now, after the election of Donald Trump, that Ford is taking him seriously and has considered the pros and cons of sending manufacturing jobs to Mexico.

Ford Motor said on Tuesday it plans to cancel a new $1.6 billion Ford Focus plant in Mexico, and instead invest $700 million in the United States in Flat Rock, Michigan.

This news comes after the president-elect announced that Sprint and OneWeb would be bringing 8000 jobs back to the United States and that the Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank will invest up to $50 billion in the U.S. which includes plans to create 50,000 new jobs. According to Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son, that investment would not have happened if Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton had been elected instead of President-elect Trump.

Transcript of video:

When Poppy Harlow asked Ford CEO Mark Fields, “Are you canceling the plans to build this use plant in Mexico because of the president-elect?”

Mark Feilds (FORD CEO) “Well when we make decisions like this as a company, first we do what’s right for our business – this makes sense to our business – and we look at all factors including what we view as a more positive U.S. manufacturing business environment under President-elect Trump and it’s literally a vote of confidence around some of the pro-growth policies that he has been outlining and that’s why we’re making this decision to invest here in the U.S. and our plant here in Michigan.”

Trump’s first job victory came shortly after the election when he and Vice President-elect Mike Pence announced a deal with the Carrier company to keep roughly 1,000 jobs in the United States.

During the campaign, President Barack Obama mocked Trump for saying he was going to bring jobs back to the United States and to keep jobs and companies from leaving. Obama asked, “What magic wand do you have?”

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