5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Lost The 2016 Election

This question just won’t seem to go away. Hillary supporters are still crying, marching, vandalizing, and recounting about it.

So let’s examine 5 reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

5. Bill Clinton – It was Hillary’s husband who had signed into law the NAFTA trade agreement that had cost so many their jobs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The perfect revenge would be to vote against this Clinton, Bill’s wife. No way were they going to vote to give her a job when, with the stroke of a pen, her husband signed their jobs away to foreign countries. So when Trump proposed renegotiating NAFTA, he opened the door wide to people who were primed to be against Hillary anyway.

4. Her Policies – She supported TPP, then she didn’t. Wikileaks revealed her support of open borders. She wanted to raise the corporate tax when it’s already the highest corporate/business tax rate in the world. She wanted to continue Obamacare when people were furious that their rates had climbed astronomically after they were promised they would go down. She wanted to allow even more Islamic refugees than Obama had allowed and this was not a popular position with the attacks that had been waged on America by those refugees and on other countries where they were allowed in with very little examination (or vetting as it’s being called).

3. Her Alienating of Bernie Sanders Supporters – She insulted Bernie’s supporters in addition to Bernie himself. Wikileaks showed that Hillary and the Democratic National Convention rigged the nomination so that Bernie couldn’t win no matter what. Wikileaks released Hillary’s insulting comments about Bernie Sanders supporters, saying that they were “living in their parents’ basement.” A lot of those supporters, “came around,” to the idea of voting for Hillary, mostly because Trump was repealing to them, but a certain percentage of those who supported Sanders never forgave her.

2. Long History of Corruption – Whitewater, Benghazi, server bleaching, FBI investigations, multiple illegal conflict of interest uses of The Clinton Foundation, carelessness with classified information, private speeches for Wall Street insiders where she refused to release the transcripts, lobbyist, paid by foreign countries to get certain bills passed, etc. Barack Obama explains in this video:

1. An Outsider, Anti-Establish Candidate Named Donald Trump – Trump wasn’t a political elite and as others have pointed out, that was probably his greatest strength as a candidate. Even Bernie Sanders said:

“How does it happen that they win elections and Democrats lose? I think what the conclusion is, is that that is raising incredible sums of money from wealthy people … but has ignored to a very significant degree, working class, middle class, and low income people in this country.”

Trump seemed to speak to the working class and, in the words of Michael Moore, was a “human hand grenade,” to be thrown into the establishment. Therefore, people who were disenchanted and even furious with the establishment of both parties had an outlet in Donald Trump. They didn’t have to agree with him on everything, they simply wanted an outsider. Hillary was the polar opposite of an outsider. She was so inside that the insiders were outsiders compared to her. So Donald Trump was able to bring in a demographic of voters who weren’t even being polled because they hadn’t voted in so long due to being completely antagonistic to the establishment. Hillary couldn’t win by simply bringing in democrat voters who would vote for anyone with a “D” beside their name. And she didn’t.

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