EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Was Veteran’s Home Vandalized & Burned By Black Lives Matter?

In an exclusive interview with Resistance Feed, a Tampa, FL police officer provided new details on the story that has circulated about Navy veteran and Trump supporter Matthew Smith’s home being set on fire and vandalized at the end of November. He also confirmed if some of the details in other reports that have circulated are, in fact, true.

Reports have circulated on new media websites concerning the latest victim of a crime of hate. Our interview with a Tampa, Florida police officer who spoke with us under the demands of anonymity, confirmed that the case is not a hoax, that it occurred and the mainstream media should be reporting the story, but very few have on more than a local level, like the video report below:

Interview with Tampa, FL Police Officer

The following is our exclusive interview with who we will call Tampa Officer X:

Rhett October: Some websites have posted a version of a story about a veteran named Matthew Smith whose home in Tampa being vandalized and burned down with anti-Trump graffiti on walls and nearby houses, is that true?

Tampa Officer X: Yes, but there have been three homes, one of them a trailer, vandalized and/or destroyed in the area and it appears to be the same person or group. There is evidence that it was a group. Two of those homes were in Plant City, including the home of Matthew Smith, which is just outside of Tampa, and one was in Tampa.

Rhett October: And the graffiti?

Tampa Officer X: Yes, there was a large amount of graffiti. In the case of Matthew Smith’s home, it said, “F**k Trump,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Burn Everything,” “Not my prez.”

Rhett October: So all the homes that were burned and/or vandalized, apparently by the same group, had graffiti?

Tampa Officer X: The trailer, which was the summer home, did. One of the other homes did as well. The one owned by the Veteran had graffiti that said, “f**k cracker,” “f**k Trump,” “f**k yo kids.” They also ransacked the place, breaking dishes, knocking over their Christmas tree and attempting to set fire to it but it didn’t burn very long.

Rhett October: It has been reported that the child’s bed was burned. Is that true?

Tampa Officer X: A crib, yes.

Rhett October: Disturbing. Since the word “cracker” was used in the graffiti, which is a racist term against white people, this would be a hate crime. Right?

Tampa Officer X: That’s not my call.

Rhett October: But it should be, since it’s racially motivated. Do you agree? Remember, you’re anonymous.

Tampa Officer X: I agree. But the only people who seem to get to have the ‘hate crime’ label are blacks and homosexuals. If the ‘hate crime’ designation is going to be applied to certain racially motivated crimes, I’d say it should be applied to any crime that has a racial motivation. What’s fair for one should be fair for the other. But that’s not politically correct.

Rhett October: Can you say if he was home when the vandalism started?

Tampa Officer X: He was not there.

Rhett Otober: So since the graffiti said, “Black Lives Matter,” do investigators believe it was by that group? Or just sympathizers?

Tampa Officer X: Technically, there is no Black Lives Matter group. They are organized like a four-year-old’s toy box. But the arsons were, apparently, sympathizers.

Rhett Otober: Why do you think mainstream media outlets aren’t reporting this story?

Tampa Officer X: Well some local media has reported on it, but they weren’t as thorough as you. They didn’t seem to want to report that the graffiti said “Black Lives Matter,” or that it was anti-Trump.

Rhett Otober: Why is that?

Tampa Officer X: You know why. It isn’t politically correct. It doesn’t fit the picture they’ve tried to paint for everyone – that Trump supporters are the violent, racist ones. It is what it is.

The Navy vet, Matthew Smith is quoted in a local paper as saying, “It’s not what I expected out of America. It should be us figuring problems out together.” Smith flew three flags in front of the home: the American flag, the POW flag, and the Navy flag.

His wife, Brittany, pointed out that the family had done nothing publicly to show their support of Donald Trump.

To say this is disturbing, is putting it mildly. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Smith’s rebuild.

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